Sunday, July 31, 2011

Had I But Groaned by Carter Brown

Her magic was as old as the hills. 
She just took off her clothes and there he was..spellbound.

Robert McGinnis Cover
She was a witch, naturally. Why else would an able-minded young man accept an invitation to a dark old house with a curse upon it. Where a lake holds a dread secret and someone is about to die a horrible death? Which witch is going to get Larry Baker as she goes bump in the night?

Signet Reprint
Larry Baker walks into a blood-chilling, swinging Sabbath complete with an old hag, a dangerous enchanting witch, and one ripe virgin, about to be sacrificed.....

UK Edition
Printing History

Horwtiz Publications Inc
Numbered Series #142 1968

New American Library
Signet Books
D3380 February 1968
Y7222 1976

New English Library
Four Square Books
as The Witches
#2495 May 1969

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