Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The SpyWho Didn't by Jack Laflin

Gregory Hiller's most incredible adventure

Gregory Hiller reviewed all the aspects of the weird case that had started so unexpectedly three weeks earlier. an unreconstructed Nazi. Twenty million dollars worth of eighteenth century Spanish gold. Explosives in large quantities. it added up to one inescapable conclusion: A plot, widespread, lethal in purpose, well organized in execution. So intent had Hiller become on simultaneously thinking and keeping Von Eckhardt's group under surveillance, he was completely unprepared to learn he was no longer alone, that a second interested spectator had joined the scene. He heard a female voice say, "Do not more or you will regret it." The voice was pure velvet, but the solid object boring into his backbone was unmistakably steel.

Printing History
Written by Jack Laflin
Belmont B50-691 July 1966

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