Monday, July 11, 2011

Fraternity Row by Carlton Joyce

She learned the facts of life and love on..................

Tom Miller Cover
The Promise
"I propose to convince Miss Gilford that it would be sporting of her to remove her clothing so that each of you may satisfy your curiosity about her physical proportions."

"I am merely promising to deliver the buxom miss to you au naturel."

"As for other activities, I am sure that any gentlemen of Delta Mu is quite capable of seizing the initiative in a situation so fraught with possibilities."

The Fulfillment 
Late that evening, Marty Lou Gilford, a coed no one had gotten to first base with, walked causally down the staircase leading to the lounge room of the frat house, completely in the buff...

The Corrupter
Chaz Graycen, III, president of Delta Mu, who boasted that he could do anything, and often did.

Published by Monarch Books , Inc 
#366 August 1963

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