Monday, July 11, 2011

The Invisible Flamini by Carter Brown

Collecting beautiful chicks was an expensive hobby.
And a deadly pastime for anybody who chickened out.

Robert McGinnis Cover
The dirtiest show in town.
Axel Barnaby was a collector of beautiful women. He bought them, pleasured them, then sent them on their way. Wiser and wealthier. He always got what he wanted, until he set his sights on the rare Flamini.

Anna Flamini was a luscious gem hard to come by, a hot blooded actress who didn't dig the role she was paid to play. But when she pulled a disappearing act a lot of off set people started shooting, and Hollywood trouble shooter Rick Holman found himself with a major part in the dirtiest, deadliest show in town!

Horwitz Edition
Printing History

Horwtiz Publications
Numbered Series #163 1972
Published in Hong Kong 
ISBN 7255 0177

New American Library
Signet Books
T4854 December 1971

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