Friday, July 8, 2011

The Green Wolf Connection by Dennis Lynds

From Vegas to Rome to a tiny oil-rich sheikdom. 
Nick Carter goes on the trail of a terrorist so deadly even the Arabs wanted him killed.

Universal Edition
Merchants of Terror

The Arab:
Khalid al Wahli, the Green Wolf. Born and raised in the desert, 
he practiced unheard of methods of killing and torture.

The Israeli:
Mendel Tadah. Even from his cell in an Arab prison, he had ways of staging brutal, 
devastating raids on the Mufti's villages.

The Irish women:
Dark-haired, beautiful, trained by the IRA. 
Sheila Kelly knew how to lure her targets to out of the way hotels and into deadly ambushes.

The mysterious Colonel:
A Lawrence of Arabia, but with a twist. He wanted to dominate the world.

Award Edition
Nick Carter "Killmaster" had to turn them against each other before their secret plan went into action. And every capital from Washington to Peking received a death blow.

Charter Edition
Printing History
Written by Dennis Lynds

Award AQ1546 1976
Universal 426 18681 1978
Charter 441 30328 1978

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