Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fanatics Of Al Asad by Saul Wernick

The President and Vice President have been killed.
An Arab killer team has kidnapped the acting President.
Their ransom, the destruction of Israel by the United States!
Nick Carter has only 48 hours to find and destroy the Arab fanatics.

Universal Edition
Mortar Attack on White House!
President and Vice President asassinated!
House Speaker kidnapped!

Four inch headlines screamed from the front pages. There was only one way to save American democracy, find the Speaker of the House before the insane terrorists carried out their ultimate threat. The trail of terror led to New York City. Somewhere in Manhattan lurked "The Lion", Al Asad. The name of a group of fanatics who thoutht they had a divine mission: Terror, assassination, and international blackmail. It was the job for one man, alone. But even when Nick  Carter "Killmaster", found them, any wrong move would mean instant death for the next President of the United States.

Award Edition
Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick

Award AQ1575 1976
Universal 426 18921 1978

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