Monday, July 4, 2011

The Ultimate Code by William Odell

Delivery of a top-secret decoding machine lands Nick Carter in the middle of a CIA commando operation. 
A last ditch effort to stave off global war.

Universal Edition
A deadly case of mistaken identities
Nick Carter demoted? Losing the top secret equipment he was assigned to bring into Greece? Taking orders from a middle ranking CIA operative?

Star Edition
It was the beginning of the most dangerous assignment of Nick's career, and it was a mistake. Borrowed by the National Security Agency to transport classified decoding equipment to Athens. Nick suddenly found himself a square peg in a round hole, the odd-man-out in a Kamikaze-style commando operation that would whisk him far from Athens.

Award Edition
Nick Carter will find himself within an inch of his life at the hands of the Greek Army, the Russians, and a ruthless traitor among the commandos. The final question was...Who would kill him first?

Charter Edition

One of them was a traitor, but which one?

Gordon: The CIA operative who refused to believe Nick was carrying top-secret equipment?

Kasner: The linguist who had trouble speaking English?

Marika: The beautiful Greek who knew as much about Greek politics as the ruling generals?

Evans: The doctor whose bag of medical supplies turned into a radio transmitter?

Vlarkos: The burly Greek who had an eye on Marika and was itching for an excuse to kill Nick?

Jeorgos: The old man who knew the secrets of the mountains, and a few others besides?

Charter Reprint
Printing History
Written by William Odell

Award AQ1486 1975
Universal 426 18737 1978
Charter 84308 ($1.50) 1978
Star 352 30559 1979
Carter Reprint 84309 ($2.25) 1981

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