Friday, July 22, 2011

The Snake Flag Conspiracy by Saul Wernick

All Strangers.
All Unlikely Killers.
All Sharing One Common Goal.
Destroy Nick Carter!

Universal Edition
Economic Disaster
 The KGB had an agent in Boston with a foolproof plan to wreck the American economy in its Bicentennial year. By forcing the biggest banks to dump all their stocks at the same time. A plant in one of Boston's old families. And the manipulation of their cast financial power, would trigger total economic collapse!

Award Edition
Nick Carter Killmaster N3 had to discover the identity of the phoney "Boston Brahmin" and make his sudden death look like an accident, before the collapse began. But there was a welcoming committee of thousands of killers waiting for him.

George Gross Cover

Don't tread on me.
Do.... and you die.

Printing History
Written by Saul Wernick

Award AQ1576 1976
Universal 426 18542 1978
Charter 441 77193 December 1981

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