Sunday, July 24, 2011

Who Killed Doctor Sex? by Carter Brown

The movie colony panics when the favorite psychiatrist dies and his records fall into the hands of an avenging blackmailer....

Robert McGinnis Cover
Stamp out sex!
One by one the movieland big names heard the deceased psychiatrist's taped played back their intimate, sinful secrets. And one by one they waited for the touch. When it came it was a shocker. The asking price was not cash, but laying off the sex! Love life in Hollywood comes to a dead standstill while troubleshooter Rick Holman tracks down a strange criminal. The avenging blackmailer who is out to kill sex, even if it means murder.

Their psychiatrist was nuts. 
The Hollywood movie queen told him all about her irregular sex life with lurid details painted right in. Her ex-husband explained just why their famous marriage was a bust. And the buxom secretary disclosed the cozy role she played in an unusual domestic setup. But they did not know that "Dr. Sex" was a happy voyeur who taped all their sizzling confessions. And played them back privately, for kicks. A group of panicky playmate hires Rick to stop a blackmailer from turning private sins into public scandal when a well-known psychiatrist is killed accidentally, on purpose.

Signet Photo Cover

Printing History

Horwitz Publications Inc.
Numbered Series #122 1965

New American Library
Signet Books
D2581 November 1964
T5744 1974

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