Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Katmandu Contract by James Fritzhand

The 100th Nick Carter "Killmaster" Espionage Adventure

The fate of Asia depends on a billion dollars in diamonds delivered to a vicious killer high in the Himalayas
Only Nick Carter could do it!

Allan Wingate Hardcover Edition
How do you smuggle a billion dollars in uncut diamonds from Amsterdam to Nepal, use the diamonds to pay off a kidnap demand, steal them back, then smuggle them out again?

Charter Reprint
  1. After you buy the diamonds, make sure you roll out of the way when a killer pushed you in front of a speeding train.
  2. Take the diamonds out of your hotel safe before it blows up taking half the lobby with it.
  3. Hide them on your persons in a spot where even the amazingly thorough Dutch customs won't find them.
  4. Keep the stones with you at all times, even when the cab you are taking to the airport is forced into a canal and you have to crawl out and swim.
You do all these and getting the diamonds into Katmandu and out again. 
It is the only way to keep the Red Chinese out of India!

Tandem Edition
The Language Of Death

Sherpa: A band of revolutionaries, professional to the last man. They knew all the modern techniques of terror and were inventing a few new ones.

Kanti: Self-styled spirit of the revolution, as beautiful as she was deadly. Her lethal Kung-Fu hands were more than matched by the lethal scheme of her brain.

Kunwar: A killer in any language, but Kunwar could run like a jungle cat and kill as quickly and viciously.

Bal Narayan: International playboy and member of the Royal Family. He was the kind of man who would sell anything, and anybody, for personal gain.

Award Edition
The place was Nepal. The time was now. It was not the first time Nick had to learn a new language of death. But this time the fate of Asia depending on his learning it right!

Charter Edition
Printing History
Written by James Fritzhand

Award AQ1479 1975
Tandem 426 17654 1978
Alan Wingate Hardcover 85523 320
Charter 441 43200 1977/1978
Charter Reprint  44143201 June 1981

This title was the actual 100th Nick Carter, not the previously released Dr Death, which was #98.

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