Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Secret Mission: Peking by Don Smith

Programmed for destruction.
Phil Sherman had a private score to settle with the Chinese. He also had a vast knowledge of computers and an excessive love for comfort, not to mention a passion for women and vodka. All of which made him unlikely espionage material. And that was made him the perfect undercover man for the U.S. Anti-Nuclear Section. His assignment seemed simple enough. All he had to do was to sell a black market computer behind the Iron Curtain. But this was no ordinary computer. 

Destined for the Far East, purchased to help the Chinese perfect a super nuclear bomb, this computer was programed to explode "by accident" and take the Chinese atomic facility with it. But when the computer arrived at its destination, it had developed an unplanned kink. If the Chinese technicians took the computer apart they were sure to discover the hidden bomb mechanism. When they did, anything can happen, including WW III. Somehow Phil Sherman had to get to China and get that computer back in working order. Fast. So it could blow up China's atomic center before Peking blew up the  world.

Printing History
Award #A297 1968
Award #AN1209 1972

Riding on the success on the Nick Carter Killmaster Adventures, Award Books published the Secret Mission series from 1968 until 1978.

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